A Country Of Extremes

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The Presidential Debate according to South Park: A Douche vs. A Turd Sandwich

In American culture, moderation is frowned upon. You’re “either with us, or against us”; you are either good or evil, you are either in the 1% or in the 99%.  Ambiguity is a myth here in the US; there is only one right answer, one perspective. 

At Thanksgiving dinner, the premiere American celebration of family reunion, it is a social taboo to even discuss politics. That’s because your grandparents are Republicans, your uncle campaigned for Bernie, and you find yourself embroiled in a shouting match over taxes. How could it be possible for members of the same family to not be able to at least see each other eye to eye on our nation’s issues?

It is without question that our nation is now dominated by a duopolistic culture that is now more divided than it ever was before. Members of the Democratic and Republican parties no longer even have the ability to respect each other’s opinions, nor can they even understand the reasoning behind the opposing side’s argument. 

In 2016, citizens found themselves stuck between voting for a giant douche and turd sandwich. They voted for the giant douche because turd sandwiches are disgusting, and they thought the giant douche would be a better president. Or more accurately, a less awful president. The American people should never have to choose between a lesser of two evils. They should have the freedom to choose, without constraint, the person they believe would be most qualified to be president, regardless of whether they were pre-selected by one of the two centuries-old political organizations. George Washington famously warned Americans of the chaos and misery that forming parties would create. America ignored him then, parties now abuse their duopoly to further extremize their beliefs and hold the American people and government hostage. I demand Freedom, and not the  Freedom to choose parties, but the American Freedom to take action as a people, and to fight for common beliefs. 

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  1. The issue of moderation in politics is a never dying topic of discussion.
    I remember reading a pretty interesting article about it in the “Atlantic”.
    It was written way before a “douche” ran against a “turd sandwich “, but it has very interesting views on moderation in politics.
    I managed to find the article, you may find some interesting facts in it.

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