How Trump Uses Social Media as a Means of Directness

Whether or not you think Donald Trump is a good or bad president, it cannot be denied that he has pulled out victories out of what seemed like unattainable depths: the New York Times famously reported that Trump only had a 15% chance of winning the 2016 Presidential Election. However, thanks in part to multiple social media movements and campaigns,  Mr. Trump was able to snag the victory from the favorite yet somewhat electronically silent Hillary Clinton. That’s not saying that Hillary Clinton wasn’t at all active on Twitter; in fact, she averaged twice as many daily tweets as Trump, releasing a whopping 27 tweets per day. Relatively, Trump’s 11 daily tweets seem quite puny. However, it is the infectiously mean and somewhat entertaining quotes that Trump produced that seemed to gain far more traction with Twitter users than anything Hillary tweeted. Though Hillary has the more popular tweet of the two, simply asking The Donald to “delete [his] account” with over 700 thousand likes, Trump immediately pushed back, asking Hillary how many working hours her massive social media force put in to create the tweet, also his most popular tweet of the year with 277 thousand likes. These tweets are so overwhelmingly popular for a reason: they are breaking down formalities in politics. Through twitter, Donald Trump has spearheaded the movement for politics brewing down to a simple shouting match between candidates, a perfect combination of entertainment and brutal discreditation of opponents. Though it is certainly not nice of Trump, and may merit the uproar that his enemies have brought up against Trump’s twitter rampages, it has certainly worked in his favor.

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